About us

Hi there! Thank you for being interested in who we are, what we do and why.

We are dreamers, eczema patients, health professionals and technology geeks. And we believe in actively involving patients in their treatment by helping them to understand their condition and their body. Sounds complicated? Well, there is a great technology out there, which can help with this! Artificial intelligence, image recognition and much more.

That is why we are developing the mobile app AppDermis - an app to help eczema patients understand their eczema and get it under control.

The AppDermis Team

The team

MALT Gonzalo 1

Gonzalo Fernández


Michaela Peterková


Álvaro Otero

Health Expertise

Sonia Gil


Our values

Long-term solutions

With AppDermis we look for solutions beyond the treatment of symptoms. We strive to help people find a way to manage their condition long-term without side effects. Yes, it is much more work than putting a cream on or taking a pill, but we believe that the reward can be a life with eczema under control.

Stronger together

We cheer for patient communities, support groups and organizations. It is amazing how technology can help us connect, support each other and share. We want to contribute to this by brining patients together, listening to their needs and figuring out how we can use technology to help.

Patients come first

We are developing AppDermis into a sustainable business, but we will never compromise on putting the patients first. So while we are open to partnerships with companies we always evaluate if the partnership will truly benefit our cause, the patients and not compromise our values.

Our main goal:

To help eczema patients like you to

with the use of smart technology.

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